Friday, August 10, 2012

Record audio from the system output

soundrec.exeBy default in OSX it is not possible to record audio from the system output. This occurs if you try to record sound from an application, like a web browser.
Moreover, besides GarageBand there is no integrated lightweight sound recorder in OSX (like the old and reliable soundrec.exe).

The solution to the first problem is provided by an Audio Routing device/application.
Soundflower is popular open source extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. This article explains how to use it.
Jack is another free option but apparently has more features and is more complicated to use. Other popular non-free options are WireTap and Rogue Amoeba.

As for recording under OSX, Audacity is a free and "lightweight" (80Mb) application that works.


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