Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two-finger scrolling in Windows laptops (also Linux)

Two-finger scrolling and two-finger tapping (right click) are the two multi-finger gestures that I use the most in Mac. I'm so habituated to them that when I use a Windows laptop becomes a frustrating experience: always reaching for the right button or the scroll area of the pad.

Turns out that Synaptics TouchPads allow multi-finger gestures, and it is just a matter of drivers to enable them (just to be clear, almost all TouchPads out there are Synaptics).
Even better, without manipulating the driver. Two-Finger-Scroll is a small application that allows to enable two and three finger gestures on the Synaptics TouchPads, and it works just fine.


Update: multi-finger gestures also available for Linux!!  In Ubuntu/Debian just install the gpointing-device-settings package, or anything that says Synaptics.

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